Custom Kitchen

You can trust DG Cusom Remodeling’s design-build team to revive the heart of your home – the kitchen.  Our skilled team of experts will create a beautifully-designed, optimally-functioning kitchen; perfect for cooking, entertaining and bringing the family together.

Kitchen trends for 2015

Don’t forget that you can have fun with the backsplash in your kitchen. Instead of the typical ubiquitous white subway tiles go with a fun new trend and try something brighter, edgier, or even funkier, and add a pop of color in your neutral kitchen. A great idea is to consider colorful glass mosaic tiles.

Tiles come in a wide range of colors. Choose from mini mosaic tiles in bright hues like cherry red, royal blue, or mixed design. Miniature glass mosaics are a bold alternative to the subway tiles so popular in the 00’s. Their translucent finish also offers a lighter, more modern feel than opaque ceramic or natural stone tiles. This will create a beautiful and unique backsplash in any size kitchen.

Miniature glass tiles come in eye-catching colors and often have a repetitive pattern. This may make them best for a more clean and streamlined space. To avoid mismatching designs consider your cabinetry as well as your appliances. Tiles work great with high gloss lacquered cabinets and stainless steel or black finished appliances.

A backsplash with glass tiles will create a fun and fresh look in your space and should last for a number of years. It can be the one area in your kitchen where you can have some fun.