DG Custom Remodeling is one of the industries leaders in bathroom remodeling. Our team of experts are skilled in color and design, as well as function and durability. A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, so it should not only feel warm and inviting but also be durable enough to hold up for years to come.

2015 trends revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical. There is also a modern, chic feel to the latest in colors and design. These creative ideas may not be for everyone, but they certainly add an innovative look to any bathroom.


It may sound crazy, but if you’re looking for a bold contrast to typical neutral bathroom décor, black faucets, tubs, lighting and tile are the newest “in” trend. Adding this deep, dramatic hue keeps plain white spaces from looking too sterile and common. Black creates a modern, industrial look and will make a dramatic impact that no one will expect.


2014 shower trends continue with the modern seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stop it at the shower curb, offers a clean, beautiful spa like design approach. A curb less shower is stylish and chic in a way you might not expect. It creates a decorative look while being completely functional.

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is a beautiful and unique way to create the feeling of more space. This modern unique look can even showcase beautiful tile or flooring For smaller spaces, there’s still the option to incorporate quite a bit of storage into floating vanities. Look for the paneled doors that you would see on a traditional vanity, just without added legs.